Best Mileage Cars in India

Mileage Cars: Today, let us take a look at the top 10 diesel options in cars out there that sip on their precious fuel and can be able to extract the long driving distances with the less fuel. Diesel has a reputation of the dirty fuel since it was chastised to be used mostly for the business transportations rather for the personal uses. That was how diesel was used in most of the times. Ever since the modern diesel engine has started great striders from that point, today, it is delivering a proposition which is a fuel efficient emitting low carbon dioxide and is more refined and easy to handle and drive.

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10 Best Mileage Cars in India

Maruti Dzire (Diesel) – 28.4 Kmpl

The new Dzire Maruti is the most fuel-efficient compact sedan at the moment out there. The engine of Maruti has tinkered in order to improve the fuel efficiency and make it an ideal combination of practicality, reliability, and economy.

Maruti Ciaz (SHVS) – 28.09 Kkmpl

Maruti Ciaz (SHVS) is a car made out of a hybrid version of the diesel Ciaz that employs more subtle technology that can improve the non-SHVS Ciaz’s fuel efficiency, which can still reach a mileage of 26.2 Kmpl

Maruti Baleno – 27.39 Kkmpl

The Maruti Baleno (diesel) is the new and latest hatchback from the India’s largest carmaker. It is a great combination of style, a generous list of features with an additional and important feature of fuel efficiency.

Honda Jazz – 27.3 Kmpl

The Honda Jazz looks same as Celerio in terms of fuel efficiency. The 1.5-Liter diesel is more powerful for the capacity the car holds, but it is frugal enough to ensure the low fuel bills.

Tata Tiago – 27.28 Kmpl

Tiago carries a fuel efficiency rating of 27.28 Kmpl and sits in the middle of this list of the most efficient cars in the country. Keeping the mileage aside, the car is also offering a great value with a spacious and very well-appointed cabin and an aggressive price tag.

Maruti Ignis – 26.8 Kmpl.

Maruti Ignis from Maruti is the latest entry which is quirky, refreshing, different and unsurprisingly very fuel efficient. This car is powered by the same 1.3-L diesel engine as the most other cars from Maruti that are manufactured in India. The Ignis continues to offer a combination of premium features, fuel frugality, and comfort.

Ford Figo (Diesel) – 25.83 Kmpl.

Figo from Ford comes with a 1.5 Liter diesel engine under its hood and is frugal. But it also comes with a good amount of safety kit for the car and the list of features is very long to notice apart from the car diesel efficiency.

Ford Figo Aspire (Diesel) – 25.83 Kmpl

Ford Figo Aspire is a Figo-based compact sedan that has everything that a hatchback has, including the big fuel efficiency number whit an addition of a boot.

Honda Amaze (Diesel) – 25.8 Kmpl

Honda Amaze is a compact sedan from Honda with much acclaim for its roomy interiors and stylish punchy engine. It has also received a facelift very recently, arming it with much sharper looks and better features for making a great value and proposition.

Honda City (Diesel) – 25.6 Kmpl

Honda City diesel version is an all-aluminum diesel engine from Honda which is very fuel efficient and can offer a good low and mid-end performance. The vehicle is great in pottering about town. It has refreshed its bestseller this year by adding more features and an all-new top-end variant.

Best Mileage Cars
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