Revolt 400 Electric Bike

Revolt Intellicorp Pvt. Ltd. Is India-based motorcycle manufacturer headquartered in Gurgaon Today, Revolt has unveiled its first Revolt RV 400 Motorcycle which is a fully Electric powered Bike.

If you are a nature lover and was searching for kind of the same vehicle, then here’s some good news for you all. The bookings for this electric bike will begin on 25th June 2019 by paying a down payment of Rs. 1,000.  

Revolt RV 400 bike will be up for preorder from Amazon India and the company’s official website I.e.  

If we talk more about its productions, the company will begin the production of in bulk from the next week. The production house of this motorbike is in Haryana. The original pricing of this motorbike is not revealed by the company. The official launch of this motorbike will begin from the next month I.e. July.  

Interestingly, the India-based manufacturer will launch this motorbike in different phases within the country. In the first phase, the Revolt RV 400 motorbike will be launched in NC, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. The first phase will be for four months, and the company will make this motorbike available to these cities in the first phase.  

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After gaining its success in these cities, the company will begin its second phase of launch I.e. from the October or November month.  

Talking about the color variants, upcoming India’s first fully Electric Bike, the Revolt RV 400 will be available in two different color options, Rebel Red and Cosmic Black. TVC has revealed the first video of this amazing superbike which is powered by Electricity only. You can follow the video to watch how this new Electric bike look. The video also showcases how the bike will perform in real life for the users.  

Being a new generation motorbike, the RV 400 will be powered by an advanced Artificial Intelligence allowing users to make the most of this bike using the smart features. The design of this motorbike provides comfortable riding experience on all types of roads. The overall design and looks of this motorbike are for the younger generation who will definitely get attracted to it with its first look.  

Charging Compatibility  

The RV 400 is a fully Electric motorbike which powers through an Electric battery. It will come with a battery pack which you can carry anywhere you go. You can recharge it with a normal 15 amp plug in your home or office.  

Interestingly, the bike will come with three different riding modes. You can select from Eco, City and Sports modes. As per your requirement, you can simply switch and select the mode from these options.  


Talking about its mileage, the RV 400 will have a range of around 150 km with a single charge. It will take up to 4 hours to fully recharge its battery and you will be good to go for more 150 km.  

The Electronic Control Unit and Battery Management system of this Motorbike is designed for Indian consumers who can use it with any type of power source easily.  

This is the first smart and fully electric motorbike which is the first vehicle to use Artificial Intelligence features. Apart from this, it will come with geo-tagging, anti-theft, and other advanced features to keep your motorbike secured.  

Revolt RV 400- Pricing  

Unfortunately, the pricing for this motorbike is still not announced by the makers. However, we can expect this Motorbike to be priced in the range of 1.10 Lakh to 1.25 Lakh.  

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