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The Government’s Niti Ayog has proposed that only Electric Vehicles be sold after 2030 in the Country. The main reason behind this proposal is to expand the scope of clean fuel for two-wheelers and three-wheelers in India.  

Earlier the CEO of Niti Ayog, Mr Amitabh Kant has suggested that after 2025, all the two-wheelers and three-wheelers with 150 cc of the engine should be sold in India.  

India’s import and export business is 100% relying on Oil. After making all the vehicles electrically powered, the import of oil, diesel and gasoline will be reduced by a big margin. As per the members of the Niti Ayog and Rocky Mountain Institute, India can save up to 64% fuel in exporting and importing. It will also reduce the carbon emission produced by Diesel powered engines up to 37% with a shared vehicle which would be using both, Diesel and Electric Engines.  

If this happens, the country will save roughly Rs. 3.9 Lakh Crore in 2030 itself in the importing of Petrol and Diesel. This pricing is derived from the current fuel prices.  

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Niti Ayog has officially moved a Cabinet note to different ministries. On the other hand, the Road Transport and Highways Ministry have also set up a phase. According to the ministry, they will limit the number of vehicles running with petrol and diesel engines.  

The Road Transport and Highways Ministry are developing an e-highway programme to make things easier. This will be an overhead electric network to keep an eye on the vehicles. This will enable trucks and buses to use this electric powered e-highway programme on the National Highways. Initially, they will make this service available to a limited number of national highways only.  

By 2030, all the vehicles will be Electrically powered or Hybrid Vehicles that will use both, Electric and Diesel or Petrol as the main fuel source. Electric Powered Vehicles will be using a lying Electric cord on the road. Electrified Roads will be constructed by the ministry, to begin with, this venture.  

Hybrid Vehicles will be using the Electrified Roads and a normal engine on the non-electrified roads. Nitin Gadkari has said they can develop such highways and make this proposal passed by seeking help from Sweden. The existing Delhi-Mumbai Express Highway will be the first e-highway to construct between the two metropolitan cities of the country.  

100% of electrified vehicles idea looks impossible for the country like India with the second highest population. However, they will re-think about the proposal and will try to make up to 65% vehicles electric vehicles by 2030. Electrified Roads will be the next big thing and the challenge we can say for this current Government.  

Nitin Gadkari has also said that the final decision on eliminating the 150cc or lower vehicles and to make 100% electric vehicles by 2030 will be passed after discussing with other members of the ministry.  

Niti Ayog has also suggested that the sale of EVs will help the country to save 3 Lakh Crore every year which is indeed a huge amount. This amount can be spent on the improvements of other ministries. They have proposed tax exemption for the investors to invest it in the EVs. This will definitely a big thing for the future and will save both, environment and money for the country.  

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