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A man has received his Maruti Suzuki Baleno from the scheduled second free servicing after a basic wash. The car he sent was installed with a camera by which the man has found out with the help of recorded footage that the car was serviced.

The owner said that the Maruti Suzuki Baleno was not facing any problem specifically other than a petrol smell during a cold start and so requested the service manager to look into it while handling the car at the service station.

The service center officials were not aware of the fact that owner is the owner of the car community BHP and had installed a camera in the car before giving it to wash to know what was going to happen at the service center.

The car owner later had uploaded a 33-minute video of the same on the YouTube showing the car was lying idle in the service center and then subsequently being taken for a wash.

The owner under the alias name ROG_AK has pointed out in the video description, “As you can see from the video, there was absolutely nothing done to the car. They simply washed the car and gave it back to me! No fluid levels were checked and absolutely nothing was inspected! The only time the bonnet was open was to clean the engine bay, that’s it!”

At 00:57 seconds, the service center mechanic shouts out “washing washing”, to which the coordinator responds in the local language: “the customer is still at the service station, let him leave.”

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After the owner leaves, at around 01:45 minutes into the video, the car is sent to the washing area.

At around 11:17, the servicemen notice the camera but are not sure if it is recording or not.

At 18:45, the car leaves the washing area and is parked in the delivery area. The driver of the car asks the service person: “Is the car not serviced?”, to which there is no reply.

The car was returned later to the owner with a copy of the free inspection coupon where all the boxes in the list like engine, electrical, fuel and front and rear suspension tests were ticked.

“The only thing they did was wash the car and give it back to me. Absolutely nothing was checked/inspected not even the engine oil!” wrote the owner in a thread in Team BHP.

He confronted the service owner the next day and showed him the video. The service owner responded by saying that would look into the matter.

As a reply to the post by the affected owner on a team BHP, he got an apology calls from the GM of the service ccenter Regional Sales Manager of Maruti Nexa, Managing Direcotr of Mandovi Motors, and even the zonal head of Maruti Nexa in Mumbai. The General Manager has requested the car owner to take down the video as it would involve the “consequences for the people concerned”. The Baleno owner did not comply on the grounds of the public awareness.

On the same day, four officials from the Mandovi Service Center has visited the car owner’s home, personally apologizing for the incident and again requesting him to take down the thread, to which the car owner did not agree.


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