Car Crash Guards

The Indian Ministry of Highways and Road Transport (NORTH) has banned crash guards/bull-bars NORTHs and cars. The Ministry has decided to enforce this ban considering the safety issues and accidents caused by the crash guards. Regarding this, the government body has issued a letter to the transport commissioners of all the states across the country. In this letter, the state governments are adviced to ban the crash guards on cards and SUVs, and take action against those vehicles that run with them.

It is illegal to have unauthorized fitment of crash guards on cars and SUVs, according to the section 52 of the Motor Vehicles Act, and a strict action will be taken against such vehicles. Under the section 190 and 191 of the Motor Vehicles Act, the vehicles with crash guards will be charged with penalties.

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The car and SUV owners have an impression that a crash guard protects the vehicles from a massive damage, and gives the vehicle a macho look. But on the other side, the crash guard might cause some serious injuries to the car occupants in case of major accidents. This also might cause massive injuries to pedestrians in some accidents.

Besides this, the crash guard or the bull-bars in the car affect the performance and fuel the efficiency of your car. Also, these are made up of heavy steel that increases the overall weight of the vehicle. Heavier the car gets, the mileage reduces.

With the new law coming in, it is advisable to remove the crash guards or the bull-bars from the cars. It is not only about the safety of the car, but also the car owners can get penalized as well.

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  • Low mileage with over 50kg of steel
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